Saturday, September 08, 2007

My visit to Meridian this Summer

I went to Meridian this Summer to watch
Addison play baseball (and of course, Hannah cheer).

Friends visit us in DC (from August)

Davida and Leah visited us in August. Below are
some pictures of us at the Botanical Gardens:

Davida and Kristy

Davida and Leah

Oh, how I love the start of Fall

Is it Fall yet? I can't wait.... I love the cooler weather, football season, the World Series, new TV shows, my birthday, and the holidays. It has been a busy Summer for us! (and apparently a busy Spring since we have not posted in forever.... ) I am planning to try and blog more but we'll see how that goes. Note that I do have an excuse - I have been traveling alot - New Orleans twice, Memphis six times, San Antonio twice, and Jackson once, Dallas once, and Gulf Shores once.