Sunday, January 28, 2007

Meeting new people

One of my biggest regrets about our time in New Orleans is that we didn't take advantage of the opportunities to meet people. While we were there the blogging community made a real effort to get to know each other. They were nice enough to link to our blog on the wiki they set up.

For whatever reason we never made the effort to go to any of the events they set up and that was a mistake.

Now that we're in DC we're gonna make a real effort to get out more. We're lucky that the Girata's are already here and we've had a lot of fun hanging out with them. They introduced us to a bunch of their friends a few weeks back at one of their regular card nights. Good times.

In addition to that I intend to join the University of Alabama alumni association. They have an athletic league with competitions set up with other school's alumni. I hope I can make the softball team or something. If I make it I'll be sure to put up a picture or two. I'll know more about all that in a few weeks.

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