Friday, March 30, 2007

The Plash’s in DC for Spring Break

My parents and Melissa visited us on March 17 – March 21. This was their first trip here, so needless to say, we had a lot to see…… Day 1: We purchased the two-day pass on the Tourmobile buses. We started at the Arlington National Cemetery (JFK Burial Site, Tomb of the Unknown Solider, Arlington House) This was the coldest day, so we decided to do inside things that afternoon – Smithsonian Museums: Postal Museum, Air & Space Museum, and National History Museum. After dinner, we drove to the Marine Corp Memorial. Day2: Washington Monument, WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam Memorials, Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR Monuments. Lunch at the famous (just kidding) Department of Agriculture, Tour of US Bureau of Engraving and Printing, We spent a lot time on benches waiting for the Tourmobile. It always seemed to be leaving the bus stop before we could get there. Our first tour guide, Melvin was the best. Day3: Tour of the White House with Richard, Ford’s Theatre, The House where Lincoln Died, The Spy Museum, Dinner with Richard Chasez (mom’s first cousin). Day4: Tour of the Capitol, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Holocaust Museum, National Cathedral Due to the increase security measures, you have to get tickets for the Capitol, US Bureau of Engraving, Holocaust Museum, and to take the elevator to the top of the Washington Monument. Dad was a trooper and took the Metro in early each day to get us tickets. The tickets are on a first-come basis for time slots later that day. One person cannot get multiple tickets at the Capitol, so we had to do some old fashion line cutting. We tried to be inconspicuous and use some of the tips from the spy museum but you know how that goes…. Fortunately, no one called us on it. Tips: -Metro is great. (Don’t forget that you need your ticket to leave the station & don’t jump the turnstile) -Don’t ask the guide at the “House where Lincoln Died” if this is where Lincoln lived. He will tell you in a “non”-condescending way that Lincoln was the President, so he lived in the White House. -Planetarium deals with planets not plants. -By Day 3, you are so tired your brain stops working. For examples, see prior tips.

Marine Corp Memorial

White House

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