Wednesday, October 03, 2007

San Antonio

Last week, I spent a few days in San Antonio, TX on business (and a little bit of site-seeing). I stayed at the St Anthony. One morning, we went to Market Square to have breakfast tacos and sweetbread from Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery. As soon as I walked in, I thought about how my niece and nephew would love the bright decor.

I also went to The Alamo. I wanted to see if my opinion of it had changed since 1999. It hasn't. If you blink, you'd miss it.

I forgot to take pictures of the Riverwalk. I walked up and down it many times & even had a few meals along side it but what can I say I wasn't in 100% tourist mode.

I tried a few new restaurants while I was in SA: Rita's on the River and Waxy O'Conors Irish Pub for lunch. For dinner, I ate at The Palm, Yokonyu sushi, and Paesano's. All quite tasty.

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C&N said...

Yahoo!! You're posting again! I was so pleased to see a recent post... keep it up!